Only 7 minutes a day will eliminate the fungus in 4 weeks!



Your nails can be nice again by the time good weather arrives.


  • destroys nail fungus cells
  • prevents the infection of contacting nail surfaces
  • boosts nail growth
  • discretely in your home

All this is done:

  • in the way that short laser pulses reach deep into the tissues, and blue laser light impacts the external surface of the nail
  • effectively and rapidly


The Vitalight soft laser device is a highly safe, revolutionary home device.

Vitalight nail laser BEFORE – AFTER pictures:

Happy customers

  • mo4
    I was embarrassed because of my feet a few months ago, I did not want to go to places where others might see my thickened and discoloured nails. This means no masseur, no pedicure, no wellness spas (I think this was where I got the infection in the first place), and even no cycling in sandals. I tried many things. Starting from natural home practices to ointments. Nothing helped. Then I found Vitalight laser device, which brought unprecedented results after using it 7 minutes a day. It’s a miraculous change! As the old nail is growing down, the new healthy nail is pink and not thickened. I can only recommend it to everyone!
    Brooke, London
  • no1
    My name is Marie, I am 27. I made a mistake when I let my girlfriend make my plastic nails at home instead of a professional. As a result, 3 nails on my hand got fungal infection. The feeling is indescribable; I did not even want to shake hands with anyone. Since I have been using Vitalight nail remover, my nails got much better. They are growing fast and the infection is vanishing. I highly recommend it!
    Marie (27), West Midlands
  • ff1
    I go to the swimming pool on a daily basis, and got some kind of fungal infection. The itching was incredibly strong. I went to the hospital and my dermatologist recommended VitaLight nail fungus remover, because I am against medicines. It is fast, non-invasive and effective. I felt improvement after 5 weeks.
    Robert (34), West Midlands
  • no2
    My husband is 49, and he plays football as a hobby. In the heat of the match they often stepped onto each other’s toes, which made the nail go blue, and it did not pass after months, but became badly thickened. We were shocked to see that the nail got infected with fungus. It bothered him and me as well, and I was afraid that I might also get infected, because we used the same nail care products. We bought Vitalight nail cleaner, which produced surprisingly positive results. After 2 and a half weeks we saw that the new nail is no longer thick. Now, he has been using it for 5 weeks and the improvement is visible. We are convinced that nail fungus can be treated simply using the Vitalight device.
    Amanda (44), Manchester
  • no3
    Everyone knows me as a ship-shape woman, so I felt that if anyone knew my little ‘secret’, that I have been struggling with nail fungus for years, then it would tarnish my image. Unfortunately, after trying everything I could, as soon as a new ointment came out, I was the first to buy it, but results were only temporary, the infection shortly came back. With 7 minutes every day, Vitalight removed my nail fungus, and now, after six months my nails are perfectly healthy. I will surely use it to prevent infection, because I am quite susceptible to this infection.
    Anna (57), Manchester
  • no5
    I go swimming every week, but unfortunately nail fungus became part of this hobby of mine. No matter how much I cared about hygiene, I could not prevent it. My physician recommended a medical treatment, but since we are planning to have a baby soon, I do not want to expose myself to any adverse effects. Vitalight anti-fungus device helped me to tackle the infection. I use it once every week only to prevent infection, and I am absolutely satisfied.
    Erika (34), London

Healthy nails for you!

  • in your home
  • discretely
  • comfortably
  • safely
  • hygienically
  • without pain and without using chemicals
  • affordable
  • without known side effects
  • without invasive intervention

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